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Hey, there all This is John Clarke aka the killer deal guy. I have a cool website here to let you all in on it is called coin farm. and it is a game where you buy birds and the birds put out eggs every hour, how many eggs, you ask? that is all on what type of bird you have there are like 7 birds the more money it is for the bird the more eggs it is going to lay for you, and what are the eggs any good for you ask? will you can sell them for real money. Now the reason why I put that video in this funnel is that the guy really shows you what the website is all about, and also how it works and tells you about the rules. you see I want you all to know what you got to do to get the money you earn-out. yes you got to get others to signup and they have to put money in, but like the guy says you kind of let others lose money maybe because they are not going to know how to get the money out right without losing their own money. so with this video anyone who signup for this website through me is going to know all the ins and outs of it. so well all can make some money playing a game. think of it this way we all played games throughout our lives and still up to this day we are at right NOW. and we play for the win for the bragging rights. but we all think to are self god I love it if this money I won in this game was real and I could really use it to buy stuff pay stuff off. then look at what I got here for you are your eyes and ears working right NOW. Because this is what we all wanted right here, it is a game that we could get bragging right for if we start to earn top dollars, more than the next players. and this game we can for real use the money we earn to buy stuff and pay off stuff. yes, there are rules we got to follow just like any other game but in this game, we for sure get to keep the money earned in the game. in this game, you got to get tons of signups. like till your family members tell your friends but make sure like I told you all that you tell them there are rules you have to follow like any other game. you just got to take your time and play the game the best you can come up with ways of outplaying others to earn more money than them but that is just for bragging not do anyone wrong let everyone you bring into this game know all about how to get your money out and make sure they do not toss their money away by trying to take the money out with enough jews to take out a profit because if you do not have enough jews you are only going to lose money by putting in money to take out the winning it is all in the video the guy that puts down this website. because he is looking at it the wrong way. a part of the game is making sure you got enough jews to take out a profit he just got to let all the people he brings in know about that as well. so you play the game the right way get in the lead and have bragging rights, but also follow the rules and get to keep the real money you earn in the game because it is real money 100 % real. good luck and od not do to anyone you would not them to do to you, let them know everything and if they think it is too hard of a game to play, then that is up to them I am sure if you find people like me you get tons of guys and girls enough to have all the jews you need to take out your profit earn always. some people are good at games and is going to do whatever they got to do to do good in the game and others well just are not that good, but really being ok to take real money out of a game to keep and use for whatever you want to use it for should be enough Incentive. to get to learn this game a bit more and learn the rules and play harder and have fun get better and earn some money from a keyword a GAME you play. Thanks again, John Clarke, aka the killer deal guy. let me ask you this you going to be next? are you? take it, get it, live it, enjoy the game enjoy the money to them who see this as a way to really get easy money but knows you have to play it the right way to get the win and to get the real money in this game, no more thinking about what if we could really keep the money won in games and start to keep the money won In this one.

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